Alistair J. Fee

Professor de Marketing, Inovação, Creatividade na Queen’s University, USA

Alistair J. Fee

Professor de Marketing, Inovação, Creatividade na Queen’s University, USA
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Visiting Professor of Marketing, Innovation, Creativity at Queen’s University, USA
Consulting Professor and Research Fellow Strascheg Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Munich
Visiting Professor, Marketing, and Innovation, at European Business School
Senior Consultant and Design Thinker at Northern Ireland Technology Centre
Patron of EXIST, German Programme for Innovation and Corporate Innovation
Alistair Fee is a radical marketing consultant with extensive worldwide links.
He lectures and presents in many universities and business communities and is committed to creating remarkable business development experiences.
He is a European Subject Expert in Creativity and runs Innovation and Marketing Workshops to help companies, students and inventors to be more innovative, creative and market driven. He enables companies and individuals to be bold and daring with their ideas.
A Faculty Fellow at Stanford University and a Business Partner at Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, he adds value to companies along with international and regional, insights and perspectives. At Queen’s University Belfast he runs courses in business start-up, marketing, economics, innovation, leadership, creativity, and negotiation for Masters, PhD, Executive students and companies.
He has worked with Lufthansa, Telefonica, British Telecom, Bombardier Aerospace, BMW, Audi, Swedbank, Ulster Bank, and numerous others.

Alistair has extensive knowledge of companies of all sizes and is involved in a number of European clusters encouraging regional innovation in EU.
He has experimented in many aspects of Innovative Regional Development, has studied manufacturing and marketing techniques in Afghanistan, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, India, Zimbabwe, USA, Japan, Germany, Ireland and several other countries.
Trinity College Dublin / UCD Innovation Academy advisor for business development
Co-Founder of Global Venture Labs
Director of Blic Design Studios
William Clinton Leadership Institute, Belfast, Advisor and Course Director
Chairman of Potting Shed and Cornflower Club Think Tanks
Formerly Bombardier Aerospace Innovation Academy advisory board and consultant

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