Entrepreneur Lab

The Entrepreneur Lab is a space that offers the agrifood entrepreneurs the opportunity to present and consolidate their ideas, to promote their business, through the provision of platforms to support qualified entrepreneurship.

The Lab will have the following activities:

Pitches – the sessions will have 10 minutes per entity. Participation requires the prior subscription in the place. It’s suitable for exhibitors and according to the availability of schedule, it is also suitable for other companies and entrepreneurs. Daily schedule: 12am-1pm / 2pm-3pm.

Inov2agro Portal – This portal is an online infrastructure to support the development of new businesses in the agri-food sector, including the provision of a technical and specialized, practical and accessible service of advice for entrepreneurs who wish to develop businesses based on innovative and competitive product development (products and services ) for the international markets in the agri-food sector and in this way, seek support for their validation and / or support in innovation and management.

Launch of Agrinovar Contest – an initiative from  CATAA/CEi and InovCluster, with the aim to promote innovation in the agrifood sector through the dissemination of an innovation and entrepreneurship culture. It is developed through the project Inov2agro, co-funded through Centro 2020 and the European Union through ERDF.

RocketPlan – If you are thinking about creating a company or putting into practice a product or service that you believe will make a difference in a competitive market, CEi developed a platform that helps you structure a professional business plan without prior management, accounting or marketing experience. At the end, you can export a PDF of your professionally formatted plan, something that can be very useful when it comes to joining investors and partners.

This space also contains an area in which all participants of the event can put advertisements for the demand and supply of products and/or services in the area of the agri-industrial sector.