B2B +business



Importer 5 e 6: Spain

Importer 9 e 10: Mexico

Importer 11: Panamá

Importer 12: France

Importer 13: Panamá



Importer 1:  Finland

Importer 2 e 3: Germany

Importer 4: Switzerland

Importer 7 e 8: France


With the aim of supporting agrifood portuguese companies within internationalization, InovCluster, will organize B2B meetings between the portuguese agrifood companies during the three days of the fair.

We will have importers from Finland, Germany, France, Switzerland, and other countries that we will update as we receive their confirmation, like Mexico, Panamá, Luxembourgh, and Austria.

These support actions to the internationalization of portuguese agrifood SME’s are developed under two projects:  AgriExport and AgroCentro. AgriExport project has a national range, is developed by Inovcluster and Agrocluster and is co-funded by Portugal 2020 and the European Union through European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

AgroCentro project is developed through Inovcluster, supporting the internationalization of the agrifood companies of the Center region and is co-funded through Centro 2020 and the European Union through ERDF